Mum’s mission to find one night stand Welshman who fathered her daughter

A mother is trying to find the father of her teenage daughter 15 years after their one night stand. The only thing Terri Reid knows about the father of her daughter Chanell is that he is from Wales. caption: Terri Reid and her daughter Chanell

Terri Reid says that all she knows is that he was tall, dark and handsome, and Welsh.They met in 2003 in a nightclub in Blackpool, but their union that night in a friend’s flat above a Chinese takeaway led to her giving birth to Channell who now wants to know who her dad is. The morning after their rendezvous above the restaurant they went their separate ways. Terri, 32, still lives in Blackpool but cannot remember the name of the nightclub they met in as it has since been knocked down.

She said: ‘Chanell is old enough now to understand and she wants to find her dad. I’m doing this for her.

‘I think he was in the town on holiday with his friend and their families so he couldn’t have been much older than I was at the time, maybe a year or two.’

She added: ‘I was out with my friend, her brother and we ended up in a nightclub in the middle of Blackpool. It’s not there any more and I can’t remember its name. I don’t even know his name now, it’s been so long.

‘All I know is that he was Welsh for certain and he might have been called Liam. He had the accent but as for where in Wales I couldn’t place it. It was just a Welsh accent to me.’ Proud mum Terri is enjoying seeing her 14-year-old daughter growing into a fantastic young woman and she wants to help her know who her dad is.

She said: ‘It’s unfortunate it was a one night stand. I admit that was maybe wrong but I have a beautiful daughter from it. She’s wanted for nothing growing up. She’s happy and my big family have helped and been great.’

Mental health nurse Terri wanted to stress they don’t want any money from the father but merely wants to give a daughter the chance to find out who her father is.

She said: ‘We don’t want anything from him, just that Chanell would like to know who her dad is. She wants to do this appeal with me so here we are.

‘It would be nice to know he’s out there somewhere and maybe wants to know we have a daughter together.’


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