The Panamanian Goddess Estelita Is New and Improved For Her Second Season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

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If you think you know Estelita from her brief appearance on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season six, think again.

Estelita has 20 (yes 20) siblings, but her childhood was still lonely, so to keep herself occupied, she began singing. She’s been though a lot since childhood, but she’s willing to fight for herself and career like she’s never done before. Gone are the days of her doing whatever Stevie J wants her to do and listening to people who think “This girl is dumb [and] she doesn’t have any talent!” After overcoming her drama with Joseline last season, she’s knows how to play the game in order to survive Love & Hip Hop this season. She’s ready to open up about her demons for the first time because she feels it is finally the right time. She’s ready to move on because as she puts it, she “doesn’t have time to play games with anyone.”


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