Bangladeshi cricketers ahead of India in this ‘good work’

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New Delhi: Bangladesh cricketer will take part in the trophy under the trilogy released in Sri Lanka with a new initiative. Under this, the Bangladeshi cricketer will be seen wearing a black strip on the side. Actually a plane of Bangladesh had crashed in Nepal recently. Many people were killed in this. In this way, Bangladeshi cricketers have taken this step for spiritual peace to the departed people.
The Bangladesh Cricket Board also has a tweet confirming it – it reads – Bangladesh’s national cricket team is currently participating in the tragedy of the tragedy in Sri Lanka. The team will be wearing a black band in hand in a fight against India to pay homage to those killed in plane crashes. The Board has mourned the deaths of people and their families in the crash of the US-Bangladesh Airlines in Kathmandu. At the same time, there is no news about the Indian Cricket Board’s view of paying tribute to the departed, so far no news has been reached.


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