External Affairs Minister Tillerson, out of the Trump team, was part of the Torcher program, made by Jina, CIA Chief

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Washington. US president Donald Trump manages his team on Tuesday. He has appointed CIA director Mike Pompey as the new Foreign Minister. Earlier Rex Tillerson was looking at this work. Along with that, Jinnah Hespal will be the new director of the CIA. For the first time in America, a woman has been assigned the responsibility of an intelligence agency. The accused have been accused of torturing them in unprofessional ways. Trump praised Pompeo in the tweet and thanked him for Tillerson’s work.

– British News Agency quoted a senior White House official as saying that before starting a conversation with Trump North Korea, the new team wants to deal with trade agreements in the near future.
– Let me know that last week Trump had accepted the invitation from the negotiations sent by North Korea. At that time, Tillerson had said that he did not know about any such agreement. It was then estimated that something between Trump and his Foreign Minister was not well.
– In October, 2017, speculation was also being made that Trump is tollers to be removed. However, then Tillerson himself called himself a press conference and said these speculations wrong.

Supported Britain against Russia

– Recently Britain had accused Russia of trying to kill a former UK detective by poisoning him. Tillerson also supported the British government on this. Tillerson had said that these provocative actions are clearly Russia’s work and it will have serious consequences.
However, the White House had already refused to question Russia in this matter.

Who is the first woman CIA Chief?

– Jina Hespel used the CIA’s infamous “black site” in Thailand in 2002. There were Al-Qaeda suspected terrorists Abu Zubaida and Al Nasheeri. During the interrogation, the other terrorists were heavily tortured with both of them.

– Zubaida’s face was poured 83 times. His lungs filled with water and his eyesight went away. Jinnah was involved in the CIA’s officers who were accused of torturing the suspects in a non-justified manner in the Senate Intelligence Committee report.

Travel from CEO to External Affairs Minister

Tillerson began work as a production manager in Exxon in 1975. In 2006, he became CEO of the company Exxon is the world’s largest publicly traded oil-gas company.
– After becoming President of America, Trump chose Exxon Mobil Corporation Chairman and CEO Rex Tillerson as Foreign Minister in his Cabinet. It is said that at the time of appointment to this post, Tylarsen had no experience of foreign policy.
– However, they are closely related to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin gave him an Order of Friendship Award in 2012. Tillerson has carried out many important deals on behalf of his company throughout Eurasia and the Middle East.


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