After a Buffalo Billion investment, Burgard now has more tools for trades

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Four years after it was announced a new training laboratory for manufacturing has come online at Burgard High School in Buffalo.

A formal grand opening on March 9 marked the completion of the school’s welding lab, plus renovations of the existing machine tool and automotive facilities.

The project cost $3.2 million and was revealed in 2014 as part of the Buffalo Billion initiative. The facility is being lead by Alfred State College and provides the high-tech tools students need to train for careers in welding, automotive and other manufacturing careers.

Officials said the machine tool lab has been outfitted with state-of-the-art lathes, drills, pressers and grinders. The auto lab now has new drops and lifts for the automobiles. Burgard has also added equipment in a new second welding lab. The equipment addition accounted for $800,000 of the total project cost.

The students at Burgard took an active role in the renovations, working alongside the construction workers to create the welding stations.


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