International Womens Day: Again, the issue of women reservation issue, Congress handled the Front

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The women reservation bill has again come to the headlines. This time, women’s parliaments of Congress have demanded to pass this law by performing outside Parliament House. Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan also congratulated the International Women’s Day on women, including women MPs, before starting the proceedings of Parliament. He congratulated the women in a very shayana style.

He said, “Keep tomorrow on the forehead with a tilak, today’s finger is holding on. He is going to see the world illuminated towards a bright future. On the other hand, the leaders of Delhi Mahila Congress started performing outside the Parliament from the morning. On the issue of women reservation, Sushmita Deo of the Congress party surrounded Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Sushmita said that Modi does not talk much about the rights of women, but on the Women’s Reservation bill, he has kept quiet. He further said that Modi did not listen, women reservation bill was leaked. Do not forget to teach daughters and raise them along with daughter in the house.



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