WATCH: Heavy wind partially blows off the roof of a Chinese airport

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In a spine-chilling video, which has gone viral on social media, partial roof section of the arrival hall at the Nanchang Changbei International Airport is seen collapsing and crashing down.

The arrival hall at the Nanchang Changbei International Airport Terminal 2, China partially collapsed due to heavy wind and rain in the area on March 4. The incident, which was captured on camera, showed the external portion of the roof peeling off and crashing down. According to CGTN China, there were no casualties reported. The clip of the falling roof, which has gone viral on social media, was posted by Jessica Cuiying. The clip is shot from the interiors of the airport.

Another footage, posted by CGTN shows the external view where cars can be seen being driven away from the spot.

Watch the video here:

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