Banking functioning, bank will remain closed for three days.

Patna: After Thursday, the bank will be closed for three consecutive days. There is a holiday in the banks on March 2 and 3 on Holi, while on Sunday March 4 is Sunday. This way banks will open on Monday. Although bank managers claim that there will be no shortage of money in the ATM. A team has been formed which will load the cache on the day of the holiday. Here, people had to struggle hard to get money from ATMs on Wednesday in the city.
Some ATM closures, which were open, there was a long line
Most of the ATMs of PNB, Union Bank of India, HDFC, Axis, ICICI, Central Bank of India, Indian Bank, Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, including State Bank, saw no cash, machine bad or shutter falls.
State Bank customers appear to be more upset People were seen long-range lines where ATMs were open. Especially in the long line outside ATM engaged in Patna junction, Maurylok campus, Boroig road, Kankadbagh tempo stand, Mithapur bus stand, Rajendra Nagar had to be withdrawn. Those who came to buy Holi for the trust of ATM, had to face problems. Banks claim that in view of the extra clearance in the Holi, in some areas the State Bank has cash twice or thrice.
But in the late evening, most of the city’s ATMs had no cache or machine bad dash. According to an estimate, more than 100 ATMs are badly affected in the capital. Many ATM shutters are not open today. According to information received from banks, the Reserve Bank is not supplying the demand as per the demand.
Due to this, there has been no cash problem in ATM over the past several days. Only two hundred rupees notes are being supplied from the Reserve Bank. State Bank ATM Operations Officer said that continuous payments are being made in ATMs. But due to the festival, people are getting more extraction. Due to this the ATMs are becoming vacant soon.


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