This 93-year-old woman’s workout with her trainer will give you fitness goals


Finding excuses to skip your workout today? Check out this viral video, where a 93-year-old woman is seen following her trainer with a smile on her face. Watch the clip and get your dose of inspiration.

Old age comes with many fitness problems, and doctors often advise the elderly to stay active by indulging in some kind of physical exercise. It seems like a 93-year-old lady took that advise a bit too seriously. In a 1.42-minute viral video posted by Joana_zanin10 on Twitter, the adorable old woman can be seen following a workout regime along with her fitness trainer.

Although she is sitting on a chair while doing the exercises, it is her enthusiasm that will keep you hooked on to the video. Want some motivation to pull you through the day? Steal a glance at the amazing clip. At the time of writing, the video had collected over 1.5 lakh retweets and 4.2 lakh likes.

Watch the video here:


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