VIDEO: BJP MP cleans clogged school toilet in Madhya Pradesh with bare hands


In another video posted on his profile, the leader can be seen shaking hands with students and inspecting their nails. He also clipped the nails of a few students and advised them to keep their nails clean.

Bharatiya Janata Party’s MP from Rewa, Janardhan Misra, has set the bar for his colleagues when it comes to leading cleanliness drives in their constituencies.

During a recent visit to a school in  Rewa’s Khajuha Village, Misra learnt that the students haven’t been able to use the school’s toilet as it was clogged. The MP immediately rolled up his sleeves, sat on his haunches and began clearing the blockage with his bare hands.

In a video released by Misra on Twitter, the Rewa MP can be seen removing the soil that had clogged the Indian-style toilet. A man can be heard in the background asking the minister to stop and that he would ensure that the toilet in unclogged. The minister, however, refuses and uses his hand to remove chunks of soil and then uses a stick to penetrate through it. He later pours water to check if the blockage has cleared.


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