Kim Kardashian has very muscular arms in a new hilarious ‘Gym Kardashian’ meme — and it’s going viral

Gym Kardashian.
  • “Gym Kardashian” is a version of Kim Kardashian with huge, muscular arms.
  • It started out with a series of Photoshopped pictures that went viral on Twitter.
  • Now someone else Photoshopped other members of the family to have huge arms.

What would make Kim Kardashian even stronger? That’s right: muscular arms.

On Monday, Jay George Photoshopped a bunch of stills from E!’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” so that she has bigger arms. When he posted them on Twitter, they went viral.

The meme, dubbed “Gym Kardashian,” spread around the rest of Twitter as images of a powerful woman who could accomplish any physical task.


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