Google Doodle celebrates Day 9 of Winter Olympic Games 2018 by illustrating cranes playing ice-hockey


The search engine giant Google has welcomed Day 9 of Winter Olympic Games 2018 by dedicating it to the game of ice hockey. This year Google has featured adorable animals as athletes in all their doodle snow games.

Search engine giant Google has welcomed Day 9 of the Winter Olympics by illustrating two cranes playing the game of ice-hockey in its latest doodle. This year Google is featuring adorable animals as athletes in their doodle update.

In the video, it shows how these cranes are as excited as we people are for the upcoming games. The fish adds charm to the doodle making it look amazing.

In an official statement, the search engine Google, said, “We’re inside the rink now for a look at today’s ice hockey match-up. It’s crane-on-crane, and these avian foes are already on thin ice as they meet in the middle for the faceoff. A whistle from the ref breaks the ice and the game has begun. These cranes are unflappable as they fly from one side of the rink to the other, but can they net their dreams just by winging it?.” The 23rd Winter Olympics started on February 9 and will end on February 25.


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